Get The Most Accurate & Reliable Valuations With The Proven Pricing Tool That Achieves 90%+ Accuracy!

Take advantage of Australia's ONLY online valuation tool that measures all aspects of a property to calculate it's value.

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Receive Property Valuations That Are Proven To Be 90%+ Or More Accurate

Most property valuations are unfortunately inaccurate. Why? Because their estimate is based on a few recently sold properties from the same area and nothing more. They don’t factor in the unique features of a property, whether the kitchen has been renovated or not, whether there is air conditioning, or an ocean view… all things that have a huge impact on a property’s final sale price.

PropertyPricer is different. We’ve pioneered a unique points based measurement system that uses data and mathematics to determine how much money a property will sell for. The result? A powerful tool that’s been proven to predict a property’s price with 90%+ accuracy.


Get 5 FREE Property Valuations Using Our Proven Tool That’s 90%+ Accurate!

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Don’t Waste Time With Valuation Tools That Use Glorified Guesswork To Estimate Prices

For many online pricing tools, it appears that the main purpose isn't to provide a realistic valuation of a property – it’s to generate leads. PropertyPricer is privately owned and completely independent from outside influences. It’s been developed with one goal in mind – to provide accurate valuations of any property in Australia. Your results will be precise and unbiased – and your private details will be protected.

Don’t Waste Time With Valuation Tools That Use Glorified Guesswork To Estimate Prices

Why PropertyPricer Is The Most Ground-breaking Tool On The Market…

  • Enjoy A Valuation That’s 90%+ Or More Accurate Our ground-breaking tool has the most sophisticated analysis on the market, factoring in 50+ components that affect a property’s price, giving you a single-price valuation that’s 90% or more accurate!

  • Effortlessly Meet SMSF Reporting Requirements Obtain accurate, cost-effective valuations every year for your SMSF, ensuring your reporting remains up-to-date and government compliant.

  • Access Valuations Anywhere, AnytimePropertyPricer is optimised for desktop, mobile and tablet so you can access a highly-accurate property valuation even when you’re on the move.

  • Take Into Account Emotional Drivers Emotions DO affect the sale price, which is why PropertyPricer takes them into account. This means a more accurate estimate of the property’s market worth.

  • Submit An Airtight Application For Development Funding If you’re a property developer, PropertyPricer’s accurate valuations can help you put together a compelling application when applying for finance so you can quickly receive the funds you need to proceed with your development.


Get 5 FREE Property Valuations Using Our Proven Tool That’s 90%+ Accurate!

Get A Nearest-Dollar Valuation And A More Accurate Understanding Of What The Property Is Worth

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Get A Nearest-Dollar Valuation And A More Accurate Understanding Of What The Property Is Worth

Frustrated with property valuation tools that offer a broad range rather than a specific value? PropertyPricer provides not just one, but three specific estimates to give you a more accurate understanding of a property’s value. This includes your predicted sale price, as well as an upper and lower-end estimate.

A specific valuation like this takes away the frustrating guesswork when it comes to choosing your listing price. Plus, it also makes things easier when filing documents for tax purposes or self-managed superannuation funds!

The Ultimate Tool For Property Developers, Self-Managed Super Funds And Tax Professionals

PropertyPricer is an innovative and sophisticated tool that makes life easier for any professional who needs accurate valuations. Whether you’re a developer who needs to compile airtight funding applications, or a tax professional with clients who need property values fast, you can acquire accurate valuations with a few clicks of a button.

Our revolutionary pricing tool can save hours of your time - while making SMSF reports more compliant, tax returns more accurate, and funding applications more likely to be accepted. Why waste time with valuation methods that are way off the mark when you can have one that’s 90% or more accurate?

The Ultimate Tool For Property Developers, Self-Managed Super Funds And Tax Professionals

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PropertyPricer Makes Life Easier For

  • SMSFs & Accountants PropertyPricer provides SMSF and accountants with an accurate substantiated price figure to give to a third party, like the ATO. PropertyPricer also provides a retrospective valuation service.

  • Solicitors Whether it’s a business or family assets… dividing properties can be messy. PropertyPricer gives solicitors an accurate property valuation tool that enables you to more easily get agreement to reach a final settlement.

  • Property Investors & Developers Know exactly what the property’s portfolio is worth in any given market at any given time, tracking your wealth at your fingertips, your in control!

  • Valuers Maximise your efficiency with cost and time effective online valuations.

  • Mortgage Brokers & Banks PropertyPricer makes bank valuations easy and reliable, helping you determine risk when lending money.

  • Real Estate Agents & Buying Agents Take the guesswork out of setting prices and advising clients… PropertyPricer gives you the reliability and accuracy to navigate the constantly evolving real estate market.

  • Buyers & Sellers Enter negotiations with confidence and make the best choices when buying and selling property to ensure you are getting the best possible deal.


Get 5 FREE Property Valuations Using Our Proven Tool That’s 90%+ Accurate!

Perfect For Any Business That Needs Fast, Accurate And Cost-Effective Property Valuations

Save time with our valuation service or do it yourself in around 10 minutes.

Obtain accurate, low-cost valuations

Get accurate valuations that reflect a specific property’s worth, rather than a generic estimate

Receive a signed certificate including property details and a dollar value

No need to waste time with inaccurate pricing tools

Direct contact to the PropertyPricer team to answer any questions you have

Here’s How It Works

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Fill Out Our 6-Stage Property Questionnaire

Tell us everything we need to know about the property, including the size of the dwelling, the condition and style of the rooms, its location and proximity to nearby amenities, and any special features such as an outdoor pool, granny flat and water views.

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Our Powerful Valuation Tool Calculates Your Valuation

Our proven methodology combines the information you provide, along with industry-leading data from property analysis group CoreLogic, to determine an accurate valuation of any property. You’ll also receive an upper and lower estimate of your expected sale price, so you aren’t left with any surprises once it goes to market.

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Enjoy Complete Confidence With A 90%+ Accurate Price

Whether you need to choose the listing price or provide accurate asset valuations for tax purposes, you’ll be confident knowing you finally have a valuation estimate that’s 90% or more accurate!


Get 5 FREE Property Valuations Using Our Proven Tool That’s 90%+ Accurate!


Your Valuation Will Be Within 10% Of The Actual Market Value – Guaranteed!

Tired of inaccurate property valuation tools that give a wide range of values of $100,000… $500,000… even $1,000,000 off the actual market price? PropertyPricer uses a sophisticated analysis of 50+ different critical components.

This is a tried-and-tested tool that is consistently 90% or more accurate. That’s why we guarantee your valuation will be within 10% of the actual market value or your money back!

T&C’s Apply*


Get 5 FREE Property Valuations Using Our Proven Tool That’s 90%+ Accurate!

Why 1,000s Of Property Owners And Professionals Trust PropertyPricer

"After returning from the US as expats we decided to downsize. We spoke to a local agent who was hesitant to commit to giving us a value for our house, and finally gave us a price range from $4.4m to $4.9m. We thought it was worth more especially in the current market. We ran it through PropertyPricer and it showed a most likely selling figure of $5.2m and given we know the house is extremely rare and special the upper end was $5.4m. We then advised the agent to list it for this new price range and it sold for $5.34m.

Wow we are so happy with the result. PropertyPricer is a great online tool that made us money! Thank You!"

John NSW

I recently sold my property in Queanbeyan and got more than I had hoped for. The agent said I would get around $750k but I wanted around $800k. I ran my property through PropertyPricer and it showed a most likely figure of $785,000 and $810,000 as the upper end. It sold for $795k and I was over the moon.

John NSW

We want to move away from the city and buy a property down the coast. But the agents won’t provide a price for properties they have for sale. So it’s up to us to make an offer based on guesswork! That’s why we use PropertyPricer. We now know how much each property is really worth before putting in our bid.

Tony NSW

I recently sold my waterfront house in Nelson Bay, north of Sydney. The agent said around $1.2m and PropertyPricer said the predicted price was $1.32m. It sold 2 days later for $1.31m. So, PropertyPricer was by far the most accurate, and a great help in getting me the best sale price.

Linda NSW


Claim Your FREE Demo & Get 5 FREE Valuations

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Here’s just a fraction of what you’ll discover in your FREE demo:

  • Get a valuation done with a member of our team for FREE - see exactly how simple and fast it is to use our powerful tool and instantly put it to the test!

  • See exactly how Australia’s most accurate online valuation tool works - we’ll show you how we’ve been able to achieve such a high accuracy level when rating 1,000s of properties across the country!

  • The critical variables the rest of the market is forgetting - we’ll reveal the critical components other valuation tools are forgetting and how we’re able to measure them for the very first time using our game-changing method!

  • Plus much more!

Get 5 FREE Property Valuations Using Our Proven Tool That’s 90%+ Accurate!


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